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I am a dreamer.I dissolve & lose myself in to my lucid dreams.I wanna get more obsessed with them and I am working upon it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I am changed a lot. The Citra, a year before is totally different from the one now.

My dreams had changed,
My choices are different from what I had previously,
I read more books,
I am watching quality movies,
I am able to take people as they are[ at least to some extent],
I am listening to others,
I am ready to take risks,
I see life from a different perspective,
and many more changes ....

How all these things happened in me? What transformed me suddenly in to "Mr.Practical".

The answer would be a single word, "THE MISTAKES ", I did in the previous years. Where ever I went, I met wrong people, what ever I did, it all transformed in to mistakes, what ever I asked they all become silly questions and to put it in proper words, " life just screwed me upside down".

With me, life is a very strict teacher. She taught me everything at a very high cost and with lot of pain. However one thing is sure , my learning curve just went straight up. With every lapsing day, I learned some thing new and some thing important.

I know very well, not only for me but for everyone life is as tuff as mine. What I feel is there is nothing wrong in making mistakes, but better remember the lessons life taught you. She is like your girl friend -- she may throw curved balls at you one moment ,but the next moment she will hug you and kiss you.