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Thursday, September 02, 2004


I came across this news when I was browsing through an online Magazine. Thought it is worth sharing with you.

I know that the threshold of pain or endurance for woman is superior to men but this incident is simply amazing. Doctors report that a 40 yr old woman in Mexico has given birth to a healthy baby boy after performing a Caesarian section on herself with a kitchen knife. The woman lived in a rural area without electricity, running water or sanitation and was an 8-hour drive from the nearest hospital. So when she couldn't deliver the baby naturally she decided to do the operation herself.

"She took three small glasses of hard liquor and, using a kitchen knife, sliced her abdomen in three attempts ... and delivered a male infant that breathed immediately and cried,"

Before blacking out the woman also had the sense to ask one of her children to call a local nurse for help. The nurse then stitched the wound with a sewing needle and cotton thread and the mother and baby were transferred and treated by Dr. Valle at the nearest hospital. The woman had apparently lost a previous baby due to labor complications.

So think about this friends when you need some thing and you have a burning desire for it. You will surely get it irrespective of the hurdles. But how to get that burning desire is the main problem with many .That can be overcome by Dreaming. Dream friends -dream once you get up from the bed not when you sleep .Dream in such way that you emboss what ever you want in your Subconscious mind. Then see nothing can stop you from winning.

Never forget the pleasures what we enjoy right now like Computers, Aero planes, Television, etc are nothing but product of some men's burning desire. These are considered once miracles and impossible. Dream your way to success before it becomes too late.

Throw your dream in to space like
A kite and you do not know what it
Will bring back, a new life, a new
Friend, a new love, a new country
-Anais Nin.